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July 15, 2022 – Special #1

July 15, 2022 Alameda Post Season 1 Episode 0
Alameda PostCast
July 15, 2022 – Special #1
Show Notes

Alameda's Innovative Streetcars with Dennis Evanosky

Host Scott Piehler is on assignment this week; instead we present Alameda Post's Editor and resident Tour Guy, Dennis Evanosky.

In this week's special episode,  Dennis talks about the history of streetcars in Alameda, from the earliest horse-drawn cars that started in the 1870s, to the electrification of the lines in the 1890s, until the last Big Red ran in the 1940s.  This information and more makes up our July series of history walking tours, "Alameda's Innovative Streetcars." We cover the horsecars during our July 9 tour, on July 16 we talk about how the AO&P line electrified, and on July 23, we walk along Fernside Boulevard, a right-of-way that the Southern Pacific Railroad built especially to accommodate the ‘Big Reds.’

To get tickets and more information, please visit our History Walking Tour information page.

In addition to being our Editor, Dennis Evanosky is an award-winning East Bay historian, and author of many books about East Bay and Alameda history. He also leads history walking tours for the Alameda Post, covering a variety of subjects, from the environment to architecture to transportation to politics.

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